MiDiet Slimming Program

  1. The Mi Diet Slimming Program involves a program where we help people by having them eat healthy for 6 weeks according to our program which indicates exactly what they should eat. 

  2.  During the 6 weeks, people do not eat any carbohydrates. 

  3. It forces the body into a metabolic pathway called lipolysis. Fat burns away at a rate of 2kg per week (average per patient over the past 24 years) 

  4. The diet includes the 6 Injections. All the pills and drops are additional. Weigh and measure once a week at Castle Ridge Pharmacy or Castle Walk Pharmacy and a natural homeopathic injection is given. It is recommended to drink our Bio-T probiotics and vitamins for the optimal functioning of the colon and to prevent constipation. Women get 3 homeopathic products from Natura and the men 2. So we only treat with natural products.

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